Readers ask: What Booster Box Contains Landro’s Gift?

How do you get Landro’s gift?

This is a Trading Card Game item, obtained by the Landro’s Gift card in the expansion “Wrathgate.” To get your item, first you will need to go to WoW’s Promotion Page and enter in the 25-digit code on your card. This will then give you an in-game code that can be redeemed by Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.

What is Landros gift?

Landro’s Gift awards you with the [Landro’s Gift Box ] and is the least rare of the set. Yes, when you have the Landro’s Gift Box, you have a chance to obtain a rare TCG Loot Card mount from an earlier series, whether it is the [Spectral Tiger], the [X-51 Nether-Rocket] or even the [Riding Turtle].

How do you get a riding turtle mount?

The Riding Turtle is obtained by finding a rare Saltwater Snapjaw “Loot Card” from the Heroes of Azeroth expansion set of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game from Upper Deck Entertainment. The card has a scratch-off code which is used to obtain the item.

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How do you get a giant blizzard bear?

The Big Blizzard Bear comes from the BlizzCon 2008 Welcome package. It was also obtainable via DirectTV subscription in the USA and Main Event in Australia. The mount must first be unlocked using a code found on the Blizzard Convention Card.

How do you get a tabard of flame?

The Tabard of Flame is purchased from Landro Longshot in Booty Bay, provided the player has a legendary card from the TCG with the appropriate code. The Tabard of Flame in particular can be obtained via the scratch-off code on Landro’s card.

Where is Landro Longshot?

Landro Longshot is a goblin TCG item redeemer located in Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn.

How do I get the Swift Spectral Tiger mount?

Swift Spectral Tiger. This item comes from a special loot card from the Fires of Outland set of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. When you redeem the code from Landro Longshot <The Black Flame>, the item will appear directly into your inventory, no purchase necessary.

What is an Adopt Me turtle worth?

However, because the Turtle is far more interesting, it gets ahead in value by a small margin. You can also get an ultra-rare Hedgehog or a Flamingo for it. As for other ultra-rare pets, it is worth at least 2-3, especially the low-tier ultra-rares. When the Turtle is Neon, it’s shell lights up in some color.

How do you get TCG mounts?

Obtaining Loot Most mounts and battle pets can also be found on the AH. Players can spend gold to obtain these BoE items (not the actual card or code). Mounts are found under the Miscellaneous AH tab, and Pets under the Battle Pets section.

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Where do you buy Pandaren mounts?

Purchased from

  • Alliance: Can be bought from Old Whitenose[67.8, 18.6] in Stormwind City at the Pandaren Camp (north of Dwarven District by big balloon).
  • Horde: Can be bought in Orgrimmar at the Pandaren Camp (Valley of Honor).

How much are big blizzard bears?

According to (most information sourced from there), the lowest Buy It Now price starts around $200 USD upwards to $300 USD. Facts: Both Horde and Alliance can ride the mount.

Can you still get big blizzard bear?

A storm of icicles — a Blizzard Bear, if you will Sadly, that original bear mount cannot be obtained in-game any longer — not even from the Black Market Auction House. As a consolation prize, for the game’s fourth Anniversary, Blizzard kept with the theme by having the Baby Blizzard Bear battle pet enter the game.

What is the secret code for the Murloc pet in WoW?

Redeemer. People who attended BlizzCon 2005 and received a card with a code on it can give their code to Zas ‘Tysh for the blue Baby Murloc, Murky.

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