Readers ask: How To Use Valkyrie Gift Box Honkai?

How do you use the AI Chan gift box?

Every so often, our wonderful admin, Ai-chan, will provide redemption codes to allow Captains to get free gifts. These codes can be redeemed by tapping your name in the upper right hand corner of the Bridge, then Account, then typing in the code in the Exchange Rewards box.

Can you gift in Honkai?

You can give gifts to children or men or women who like anime.

How do you change lobby Valkyrie in Honkai impact 3?

To change the Valkyrie currently displayed on your screen, tap on the speech bubbles floating near that character’s head. A blue speech bubble indicates that your Valkyrie has something she’d like to chat about, so cycle through these conversation snippets until the speech bubble turns white.

What is the best Valkyrie in Honkai impact 3 2020?

They are considered the best Valkyries to use against any bosses:

  • Raiden Mei (Herrscher of Thunder)
  • Fu Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)
  • Fervent Tempo Delta.
  • Durandal (Dea Anchora)
  • Durandal (Bright Knight – Excelsis)
  • Seele Vollerei (Stygian Nymph & Starchasm Nyx)
  • Rita Rossweisse (Argent Knight: Artemis)
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How do I enter codes on Honkai impact?

How do I redeem Honkai Impact codes?

  1. Open Honkai Impact 3rd.
  2. From the main screen, press your player ID in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Hit account.
  4. Type or paste your code into the ‘enter redemption code’ box.
  5. Press ‘get’
  6. Enjoy the free stuff!

How do I give Valkyrie gift boxes?

Go to [Base] -> [Directory] and give these to a Valkyrie to complete her Move In Procedure. The box is so delicate that you don’t even want to ruin the package by opening it.

Who is herrscher of the void?

The one born as Sirin and later better known as Herrscher of the void, also known as Queen of the Void, K-423, 2nd Herrscher, Second Ruler of the New World, Houkai God, Queen of the Houkai, Ultimate Ruler, God Kiana, Goddess of the Void and possibly hundreds more is the central antagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd franchise

How old is Fu Hua?

Fu Hua may look like a teenage girl; however, she is over 50,000 years old. She used to be immortal but has sadly lost some of her powers and become a normal human. Fu Hua’s battlesuits: Azure Empyrea.

How do you change Valkyrie jetpack?

To activate her jetpack, you’ll need to press jump while in the air and the ability will propel you upwards. It’s worth noting that this ability will be set to ‘Toggle’ as default, so you’ll want to head into the settings change it to ‘Hold’ so you have more control while flying above the map.

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Who is the strongest character in Honkai impact 3?

Celestial Hymn is a base S rank creature type character. She is currently the strongest support character in the game. 7

Is Valkyrie pledge good?

Conclusion: Valkyrie Pledge is a Lightning Psychic DPS that has the potential to be top tier in both Memorial Arena and Dirac Sea. To make VP’s competitive, Judah is necessary and it is worth farming VP at least up to SS rank.

How do you get S rank Valkyrie for free?

The Free S-rank Valkyrie: Which one to pick? Coming in the Spring Fest event is one of the biggest gifts in Honkai history. From Jan 24 to Mar 26, all captains will be given one S-Rank Valkyrie of their choice, free of charge. Alternatively, players can choose to get 420 Ancient Willpower to spend in War Treasury.

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