Readers ask: How To Make A 4 Invh Cube Gift Box?

Which paper is used for making gift box?

Cardstock. Cardstock is a medium weight paper. It is heavier than printer paper and thinner than cardboard. Greeting cards, scrapbooking, handmade boxes, and more are most often made from this type of paper.

Can I use cardstock to make boxes?

Cardstock Box The process is fairly straightforward and only involves a few simple cuts and folds. I use an 8″ by 10″ piece of cardstock, which yields a box about 3.5″ wide by 4″ long by 1″ deep. Once you have the basic principles down, you can easily adjust the formula to make other sizes.

How many pictures do you need for a photo cube?

You will need eight 3″x3″ pictures and two 3″x6″ pictures for this project. Print (or copy) them onto regular printer paper, NOT on photo paper. (Photo paper is too thick to bend easily and won’t work for this project.)

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