Readers ask: How To Decorate A White Gift Box?

What can I use to decorate a gift box?

Materials for decorating your cardboard box or DIY gift box

  1. fabric or satin ribbons – I’m always saving ribbons from gift bags and wrapping as I can’t bear to thrown them away!
  2. embroidery threads/piping threads.
  3. stick on gift tags.
  4. stick on craft supplies.
  5. tissue paper.
  6. potpourri/dried flowers etc.
  7. scrap book paper.

How do you decorate an open gift box?

Use a permanent marker or a paint pen to add writing or designs onto your box.

  1. If the gift box is for a birthday present, use bright colors (or the receiver’s favorite colors). Write “Happy Birthday” all over the box.
  2. If the box is for a holiday, use colors and symbols that match the holiday.

How can I decorate my home?

11 DIY Home Decorating Tips

  1. Set The Tone at The Front Door. Alamy.
  2. Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral. Bruce Buck.
  3. Living Area: Make Sure Your Sofa Talks to Your Chairs.
  4. Let The Sun Shine In Your Kitchen.
  5. Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room.
  6. Scale Artwork to Your Wall.
  7. Layer Your Lighting.
  8. Anchor Rugs Under Furniture Feet.

How do you glam a box?

You can customize your “Glam Up box” by choosing your favorite shades from the available Lip Paint shades, Lip Balm shades, Eye Tint shades, Lip & Cheek Tint shades, Cream Blush shades, Shimmer Cream shades and Shimmer Balm shades. Choose your favorite shade from the available Cream Blush shades.

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How do you wrap an empty open box?

Directions To Wrap A Box

  1. Step 1: Lay the lid on the paper and cut the paper.
  2. Step 2: Fold the long sides up and over the lid.
  3. Step 3: Take the end sections and fold just like wrapping a regular box: 1.
  4. Step 4: Tape the first folds to the inside lip of the lid.

How do you decorate a plain gift paper?

How to Dress up Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

  1. Tie it up. Tie ribbon, raffia, twine, yarn, leftover holiday garlands or any else that inspires you around a gift wrapped in brown paper, or a plain brown box.
  2. Top it off. Upcycle leftover party favors by taping them to the top of your gifts.
  3. Stick stuff on it.
  4. Write it out.

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