Quick Answer: Sketch Box Gift Subscription How Does It Work?

How does SketchBox work?

SketchBox is a monthly subscription service intended to empower artists. Our goal is to provide artists with easy access to supplies and exposure to their work. In addition you will also receive an inspirational piece of art made with the materials in the box by our featured artist as well as an educational video.

How do I cancel my subscription to SketchBox?

You may cancel at any time from your account login. To cancel click the edit button in the “your subscriptions” field, and select the option to cancel on the bottom left of the page.

What do you get in SketchBox?

What is SketchBox? Sketchbox is a monthly subscription service that allows you to receive 4-6 pieces of high-grade art supplies like pen pastels, krink markers, full kits, erasers, colored pencils, and many others delivered directly to your door every month for a fraction of what you’d pay in a store.

What age is SketchBox for?

This box is recommended for artists 7 to 14 years old (although this could depend on your parental preference). The box will contain supplies like colored pencils, a watercolor style set, water-based blendable markers, a surface to work with, and more!

How much are Paletteful packs?

$24.00 – $270.00 Every month a box with a selection of art supplies curated specifically for young artists will arrive at your door! Every Paletteful Pack will encourage your young artist to expand his/her creativity! He/she will receive everything they need to create a work of art.

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What is an art box for school?

The Art School Box is a homeschool art curriculum for ages 12-18 and is specially designed for students to complete one project per week. The projects and supplies also come with a rubric, art history flashcard, critique questions, and assignment checklist during the school year.

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