Quick Answer: How To Make Cookie Gift Box?

How do you make a homemade cookie box?


  1. Cut out all the pieces from the cardstock.
  2. Fold the outside box together by creasing along all the dotted lines.
  3. Glue the tabs at the sides to create a box.
  4. For the lid, crease along all the dotted lines then glue the thin plastic sheet to the back.
  5. Fold along all the lines of the inner boxes.

How many cookies should you put in a cookie box?

Whether you are including homemade cookies, storebought, or both, you want to choose a variety of cookies with different shapes and sizes and flavours. This will make the cookie box look interesting. I suggest baking anywhere from 4 to 8 different types of cookies (this year I went overboard with 15 different cookies).

How do I make cardboard cookies?

Step 1: Cut out of your cardboard some cookie shapes: round, rectangular or any shape you want. Step 2: Paint the cookies the way you want! You can make them look realistic, create your own dream cookie, or add elements like pompons, glitter, etc… Step 3: Have fun and play!

What do you Line cookie boxes with?

Line the bottom and sides of a square or rectangular airtight tin with corrugated paper. Fold short lengths in half for dividers. Envelop your cookies in tissue paper, buffer them with corrugated paper tubes, or protect them using accordion-folds of paper. You can also tie a stack of cookies with baker’s twine.

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Where can I sell homemade cookies?

Cookies can be sold online everywhere from Amazon and Etsy to mom-and-pop websites and online marketplaces. You can list your cookies for sale in multiple areas. It’s simply important to know where your ideal audience hangs out, so you aren’t wasting time or marketing resources.

How do you decorate a box of cookies?

Some ideas to help you:

  1. Stack a few cookies, tie them with ribbon, then place them standing up.
  2. Stack a few cookies, tie them with ribbon, then place them on their side.
  3. Use pink cupcake liners to add visual appeal under smaller cookies.

How do you make homemade birthday presents?

5 Best Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Make A Card. Yes.
  2. Craft A Wall Hanging. There are many artistic and unique wall hangings that you can make yourself!
  3. Prepare A Snack Box.
  4. Compile A Care Package.
  5. Present A Painting or A Sketch.
  6. DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame.
  7. Handmade Dreamcatcher with LED Lights.

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