Quick Answer: How To Make A Valentine’s Day Gift Box?

How do you make a Valentine’s Day heart box?

To create the curved sides of your box, roll the strips of cardboard. Using your hot glue, attach the strips of cardboard to one of the hearts. Once you have all the sides attached to the first heart, attach the second heart. Finish the box by adding another strip of cardboard to create the top of the box.

What do you put in a Valentines gift box?

List of Things to Put in a Valentine Gift Basket

  1. Champagnes. French Champagne has long been part of romantic evenings.
  2. Homemade Items. Hand embroidered items are precious gift basket additions.
  3. Body Care Items.
  4. Spa Days and Massages.
  5. Chocolates.
  6. Coffees and Teas.
  7. Sentimental Gifts.
  8. Dinner Dates for Two.

How do you make Valentine’s Day stuff?

50 DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas to Sweeten Your Day

  1. Heart-Shaped Phrase Pillow. Dress up the sofa or bed with a pillow that says “I love you” all year round.
  2. DIY Paper Flowers.
  3. Etched Wineglasses.
  4. String Art Heart.
  5. Ombre Cork Heart.
  6. Paper Heart Garland/Chandelier.
  7. Heart-Shaped Marshmallows.
  8. Glitter Champagne Flutes.
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How do you make Valentines Day gifts at home?

40 Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts That Are Literally Made with Love

  1. of 40. Fingerprint Heart Trinket Dish.
  2. of 40. “I Dig You” Treat Bags.
  3. of 40. Coffee Mug Mixers.
  4. of 40. Bubble Bath Gift Set.
  5. of 40. Custom Reed Diffuser.
  6. of 40. Friendship Bracelet Valentine’s Day Card.
  7. of 40. Bath Tea.
  8. of 40. Origami Heart Flower Bouquet.

What can I put in a heart shaped box?

Heart Shaped Box Gift Ideas

  1. Edible treats. The top of many people’s list for Valentine’s gifts are of the edible variety.
  2. Photos. Take a cherished photo or take a new one, and put it in a heart-shaped photo frame.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Gift basket.
  5. Scented soaps.
  6. Romantic bedroom.
  7. Trinket/jewelry box.
  8. More Ideas for Valentines.

How do you make a heart shaped chocolate box?

Here’s how…

  1. Open up the cereal box flat.
  2. Cut out 2 long stripes from the ends of the cereal box.
  3. Staple the ends of these 2 stripes together, flip the strips and staple the other end.
  4. Temporarily add a cardboard spacer inside the loop to improve the heart shape/make it a little wider.

What can I put in my boyfriends valentines box?

50 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

  1. A Box of Date Night Cards.
  2. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger.
  3. You’re My Favorite Asshole Keychain for Boyfriend.
  4. Messages in a Bottle.
  5. Custom Love Letter Cufflinks.
  6. Wrangler Cozy Fleece Shirt.
  7. Explosion Gift Box.
  8. Cat Playing Guitar Shirt.

What can I put in a Valentines gift basket for him?

Flowers, sparkly jewelry, chocolates, lovey-dovey notes, cutesy stuffed animals, and dressing fancy (meaning uncomfortable) to eat at fancy (meaning expensive) restaurants. Not a whole lot of fun for the man in your life!

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What should I get my daughter for Valentine’s Day?

32 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That Are Better Than Chalky Conversation Hearts

  • Rainbow Heart PJs. Primary.
  • Valentine’s Craft Kit. Kid Made Modern.
  • Zoe Doll.
  • Personalized Gift.
  • Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies.
  • Sensory Fidget Tubes.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!
  • My Fizzy Valentine Bath Bomb Set.

What can I sell on Valentine’s Day?

Top Five Items To Add To Your Store to Sell on This Valentine’s

  • Candies and Chocolates. Yes, you can dropship candies and chocolates.
  • Greeting cards. There are many greeting cards resources that you can sell online.
  • Flowers. What’s Valentines’ day without flowers?
  • Jewelry.
  • Gift Cards.

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