Quick Answer: How To Make A Gift Box Out Of Business Cards?

How do you make a box out of business cards?

Creating the pieces

  1. Take two cards, and place them across each other, with the inside faces together.
  2. Fold the ends of the bottom card up over the top card.
  3. Flip the pair over so that the bottom folded card becomes the top card.
  4. Fold the other card’s ends up.
  5. Pull the two cards apart: you’ve made two cube pieces.

How do you make a business card stand?

Here are some creative ways to make your business cards stand out from the crowd.

  1. Use a unique material. There are a million different types of paper out there, and yet most business cards use your standard white card stock.
  2. Add some color.
  3. Create texture through technique.
  4. Try a different shape or dimension.
  5. Stay on brand.

What to say when giving out business cards?

When you hand out your business card, you should say something along the lines of “Here’s my business card – I look forward to potentially working with you and your company.” You should also ask for their card, giving you the opportunity to follow up with them rather than having to wait for them to contact you.

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What is important to have on a business card?

You’ll need to include your name, business name, logo and contact details. Professional print on a good card weight is essential too. Anything that makes your card stand out (for the right reasons) will make it even more effective.

How do you make a greeting card with paper easy?

2 Method 2 of 4: Making a Window Greeting Card

  1. Cut a 4×5″ rectangle out of thick double sided paper or cardstock. You can get double sided paper at any craft store.
  2. Make an opening.
  3. Smooth the fold lines.
  4. Fold the pieces of the ‘X’ cut back.
  5. Add decorations as you see fit.
  6. Add your greeting.

How do you make a greeting cover?


  1. Lay your card on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
  2. Fold the sides of the paper inwards.
  3. Do the same with the top and the bottom (remembering to leave a little wiggle room).
  4. Now flatten out the paper and remove the card.
  5. Snip off the corners.
  6. Do this for all four corners.

Is handing out business cards soliciting?

The “Don’ts” of Handing Out Business Cards This includes: Soliciting strangers: You may never solicit from someone you do not know. Speaking poorly of other attorneys: Verbally bad-mouthing another firm is considered defamation as well. Don’t hand out business cards without being asked or asking.

Is it illegal to put business cards on cars?

Contact shopping centers and work out a deal so you can leave business cards on car windshields. Check out city and state laws however, in case it’s illegal in your area. Partner with real estate agents and agencies to get your business cards to new home buyers.

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What should you do when someone gives you their business card?

Hand the business card facing the person receiving it. Never write on the card of another person unless so directed. Business cards are exchanged at the start or end of the meeting. Don’t ask for business cards in front of a group of people; do this privately.

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