Often asked: How To Make Contact Paper Gift Box?

Does contact paper stick to cardboard?

Some cardboard boxes have a natural wave to the surface. I suggest that you avoid those unless you have a thick contact paper because they don’t produce smooth results. In addition, if it has been bent, dented, or damaged in any way skip it. Those imperfections will likely show up under the contact paper.

How do you put contact paper on cardboard?

Press the top of the lid onto the center of the adhesive, making sure the corners of the lid line up with the inner corners of the paper. Fold the sides of adhesive with the tabs straight up and smooth it over to stick firmly onto the side of the lid, then fold the tabs over each corner.

How do you put contact paper on without bubbles?

Press the exposed adhesive 1/4-inch section of the contact paper against the surface you wish to cover, using the fingertips of one hand. Work slowly from one corner of the strip to the other, smoothing and pushing the contact paper to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles.

How do you harden cardboard boxes?

Coat in Resin, Epoxy, or Wood/Paper Glue You will also need a flat paintbrush, its size depending on how big your cardboard is. Simply paint a layer of any of these substances onto dry cardboard. Wait until it dries before adding a second layer. Let it dry completely until your cardboard hardens before using it.

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