How To Make A 5 X 7 Cricut Gift Box Tags Bags Boxes?

Can you make gift boxes with Cricut?

Not only does the Cricut Maker perfectly cut out a great box template, it scores the material too, so it’s really easy to fold. The scoring stylus used to be my favorite Cricut tool. Kraftboard makes a much sturdier gift box, and you never have to worry about your gift falling out of the bottom.

How do I make a custom Cricut box?

Make boxes with your Cricut – Step by Step tutorial

  1. Free SVG Boxes Templates.
  2. Upload Box Template to Cricut Design Space.
  3. Understanding the Template and Getting it Ready for Editing.
  4. Change Line Type for Score Lines.
  5. Attach, Resize and Make it.
  6. Cutting Process.
  7. Select Materials, Load Mat, Go.
  8. Top & Bottom Box Assemble Process.

How do you make a Cricut soap box?


  1. Download PNG.
  2. Create a new project in Cricut.
  3. Add score lines over dotted lines in the image, then import the “Cut” image with no guides and line it up, delete the image with the guides.
  4. Select all and “attach”
  5. Click “make it”
  6. Place card stock on cutting mat.
  7. Load mat, and insert scoring pen.
  8. Click “continue”

Where do you get Cricut templates?

Use a Template to help you visualize your final project! Note: Templates are not available in the Design Space App (iOS/Android) and Cricut Basics App at this time. Select the Templates tool in the Design panel to the left of the Canvas.

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