FAQ: Square Holiday Gift Box How To Activate Final Fantasy Xiv?

How do I redeem a gift Ffxiv?

You can follow the instructions below to redeem a gift code:

  1. Log in to the Mog Station (https://www.mogstation.com) with the SQUARE ENIX Account on which you wish to register the gift code.
  2. From the top, select “Your Account.”
  3. Select “Item Code,” then follow the on-screen instructions to register the gift code.

How do I activate my Ffxiv subscription?

Registration steps:

  1. Log in to the Mog Station with your Square Enix account.
  2. Select ‘Your Account’.
  3. Select the service account you want to register the code on.
  4. Select ‘Enter Expansion Registration Code”‘ and follow the instructions on-screen.

How does gifting work in Ffxiv?

How do gift codes work Ffxiv? You select gift from the options You pay for said item You are given a code for said item You give said code to person you are gifting to They go to mogstation and input the code Done, the item is then sent to their mailbox.

Where do I enter refer a friend code Ffxiv?

You will need to log into the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station to enter your recruitment code after completing registration. After logging in, proceed to Your Account, then select Enter Recruitment Code. * If you wish to redeem a recruitment code, it must be entered before purchase of a subscription or game time card.

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How do I activate my Ffxiv code?

1- Log in to Mog Station with the Square Enix account you wish to register the code with. 2- Proceed to “Enter Item Code” under “Select Service Account”. 3- Follow the on-screen instructions to register the gift code.

Can you gift Fantasia Ffxiv?

The Fantasia cannot be traded with others or sold on the markets. However, it is possible to purchase a Phial of Fantasia for someone else by selecting the “Gift a Friend” option at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store.

Is ff14 pay to win?

FFXIV game is not Pay to Win first and foremost. The best thing about FFXIV is that you can try the game indefinitely up to level 35, so my best advice is to sign up for an account. You can buy FFXIV Gil, however, it will not guarantee win in the game.

Is ff14 expensive?

Final Fantasy FFXIV is an expensive game. For a game that originally launched over ten years ago, you still pay a whopping $59.99 USD — in other words, full-game price — for the complete edition of the game. When you buy the game, you have a generous 30-day free trial to get started.

Is ff14 pay to play?

Final Fantasy 14 Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that uses a subscription model, so once your sub runs out, you’ll need to buy more time to play the MMMORPG. If you’re playing the free trial, you have as much time as you want to complete the content included with it.

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Can I gift ff14?

Looking for something to give a friend? Then look no further than the Mog Station! Send a gift from our growing assortment of optional items with a paid gift code.

Do Ffxiv gift codes expire?

Gift codes are valid up to 3 years after the date of purchase. You can check a gift code’s expiration date and/or availability via the following method: 1- Log in to Mog Station with the Square Enix account used to purchase the gift code.

Can you gift a sub on Ffxiv?

Final Fantasy XIV players can grab a new mount to use in the game by gifting subscriptions on Twitch, Square Enix has revealed.

Can I recruit a friend who already has an account?

A: Yes. You can recruit friends with an existing WoW account that has not had active game time in the past 24 months. A: Log in to WoW and generate an invite link through the Recruit A Friend tab of the social pane (default hotkey “O”), then send that link to your friends.

Can I recruit a friend who already has an account Ffxiv?

* Friends can only be recruited from a service account with a valid subscription. *A recruitment code can only be sent once a day.

How do you get Twintania mount?

Twintania is a mount obtained by exchanging 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers to Calamity Salvager. Gold Chocobo Feathers are obtained through Recruit a Friend campaign. Twintania is a Flying Mount.

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