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How It Works

Subscribe and receive a mix of gym clothes and accessories to your door each month.

1. Order 

Choose your preferred box from our 2 options

2. Customise

Tell us about your workouts, size and style preferences. 

3. Receive

We handpick, test and screen out any bad products before shipping your box. 

4. Gear Up

Now it’s time to enjoy all of your new products, perfect for home, fitness, wellness, and everything in between. 


What To Expect

We source items from a selection of brands spread across the world, so you'll discover new brands, as well as receive products from the ones you know and love. 

The total value of The Gym Queen box is between £80-£120 .

The value of The Hero box is between £50-£80.

Keeping your style upgraded with trendy pieces, your gym bag full of goodies and all whilst keeping money in your purse!


About Us

My FitFix was born out of a desire to inspire, motivate and encourage women on their fitness journeys.

We deliver packages of fitness apparel and accessories to your door.

Upgrade Your Style

Part of the fun of My FitFix is discovering new products that match your identity!

The explosion of the fitness fashion industry has made choice infinite.
Today, virtually any product is available from any brand. But which do you choose....

To guarantee you receive the best quality, we hand select, test and screen out the bad products. 

100% Flexibility

Our subscriptions are completely flexible. Need to skip a month? Simply skip, or cancel, at anytime. Simply log into your account. You are always in complete control.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page or get in contact.

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