Welcome to the fitness subscription box exclusively for women

A monthly package filled with premium fitness apparel and accessories 💕

How It Works

My FitFix is a monthly subscription box for women, filled with fitness apparel, accessories and more.

Whether you are a hardcore gym fanatic, or an occasional yogi, this is the most exciting way to treat yourself, with personalised packages of gym gear. 

You will receive a selection of gym apparel, alongside a mix of fitness accessories, recipes, advice and more!

Step 1. Subscribe

Choose your subscription and select your size and style preferences.

Step 2. Worldwide Shipping

Shipping to the UK is free and there is a small fee for international shipping.

Step 3. Receive

Your box will be shipped on the 4th of each month.

Step 4. Renew

Subscriptions automatically renew on the 11th of each month.

Our subscriptions are 100% flexible. Need to skip a month? Simply skip, or cancel, at anytime by logging into your account. 

You have complete control. 

What To Expect

You will receive hand selected pieces, such as leggings and sports bras, alongside a mix of accessories and advice, from resistance bands, workout logs, e-books and recipe books.

Leggings Club

Receive 1 new pair of premium leggings each month.


The Hero Box 

2-3 items of gym apparel, fitness accessories, advice, and more!


The Gym Queen Box

3-7 pieces of premium gym apparel, fitness accessories, advice and more! 


Our Story

Our goal is to motivate and encourage you on your fitness journey with inspiring, personalised boxes of gym gear.

These are not just over-stock items being put in a box...

You will receive hand selected pieces from premium brands, from all over the world. From leggings and sports bras, to workout logs, e-books and recipe books.

Everything in your box is sourced based on your size and taste preferences, the season and other information you give us upon subscribing. 

My FitFix is the perfect complement to your fitness lifestyle

Whether you're a hardcore gym fanatic or an occasional yogi, this is the most exciting way to treat yourself and try new brands, while also getting a mix of the ones you know and love.

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